Grand Opening FAQ

When should I fly in and fly out for the event?
The event takes place on Monday (May 29) and Tuesday (May 30), so we recommend you fly in on Sunday, May 28, and fly out on Wednesday, May 31.

Where is the Paris Las Vegas hotel located?
The Paris Las Vegas hotel is located in the heart of Las Vegas, Nevada (on the Strip) next to the Caesars Palace and Bellagio hotels. 

What is the dress for the Grand Opening?
Business casual.

Is the convention center in the same place as the hotel?
Yes, the Paris Las Vegas hotel is both the preferred hotel for the Vasayo Grand Opening and the convention center, where the Grand Opening will take place. 

Are tickets to the Grand Opening refundable? transferable?
All tickets are non-refundable. Tickets are transferable, but all transfers must be requested by May 5, 2017. To request a transfer, please send an email to with (1) the name of the ticket owner, brand partner username and (2) the name of the person to whom the ticket will be transferred, their brandparenter username, their email address and their phone number. Please make sure that you have registered prior to requesting a transfer.

I received a Grand Opening ticket/voucher in my Founders' Club package. Is that my actual ticket?
The voucher you received if you purchased a Founders' Club Package is not an actual ticket, so you can keep that voucher as a memento of this historic Grand Opening event! Event registration takes place online and Founders' Club members will be sent an email with a special access code that allows them to redeem their free ticket and that also unlocks the ability for them to register one guest at a discounted rate through February 15.

I purchased a Founders' Club Package. How many tickets do I receive as part of that?
Each Founders’ Club member receives one (1) free ticket. Founders’ Club members may also purchase one (1) Guest ticket at a special rate ($119) through February 15. After February 15, registration will be open to all Brand Partners and guests for $139 per ticket. We anticipate this event will sell out, so please purchase your tickets and reserve your hotel room(s) as soon as possible.

When is Grand Opening registration open to all Brand Partners and Guests?
On February 16, 2017, registration will be open to all Brand Partners and guests. 

Is there a discounted room rate for Vasayo at the Paris Las Vegas hotel?
We have sold out of all rooms at the discounted rate. 

When does registration end?

Registration ends on Friday, May 12, 2017.