Attendees will stay at Newpark Hotel. 

For qualified attendees, Vasayo will cover the cost of flights and hotel accommodations, event gifts, specified activities and meals and ground transportation to and from the airport in Salt Lake City. Incidental costs such as meals during travel and airline baggage fees will be at attendee’s expense.

Please note that costs incurred for travel, transportation, meals, accommodations, and activities outside of the event dates will not be paid for or reimbursed by Vasayo.


Extending Stay

You are welcome to extend your stay, and Vasayo will cover the flight cost if there is no increase in the fare. However, you will need to confirm your accommodations directly with the hotel. Should you choose to extend your stay, Vasayo will cover the cost of specified meals and hotel accommodations during the event dates only.

Please note that requesting an extension on the Build to Blue registration site is a request and not a guarantee. Reach out to Newpark with a payment information to confirm pre-and-post-extension reservations based on resort availability. Please ensure that you receive a confirmation number from the Newpark with correct details regarding your extension request prior to booking any airfare or excursion reservations.


Additional Guests

Only one member per account can qualify to attend. 

Guests can not be Vasayo Brand Partners

A credit card will be required at check-in for payment on incidentals and room service. Vasayo will not provide activities, event meals, hotel accommodations, day care for children, transportation, or exclusive event swag for additional guests.

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